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Online Tax Extension Filing

Online Tax Extension Filing is available for both personal and business tax extensions, which are most efficiently filed by e-file.

Tax Extension Business Form 7004 Tax Extension Personal Form 4868

Multi-Member LLCs
Estates and Trusts

1040 Individuals

1099 Contractors
Single Member LLCs
Schedule C Sole Proprietors

Filing online offers the simplicity of e-filing your extension into the IRS for approval and a return confirmation email stating that your extension has been granted. You may then file anytime on or before the extended date.

Should your extension be denied, the email will describe the reasons why it was denied so that you can make the proper correction and re-file. You may re-file as many times as needed for free until your extension is accepted.

Reasons For Filing A Tax Extension

There are many reasons that you may want to file for a tax extension to get more time for submitting your tax return. Procrastination is high on the list but it's not the only reason millions of tax filers file for an extension each and every year to get an extra 6 months.

Some taxpayers ask for additional time to file due to the fact that they haven't received all of the tax documentation they need to prepare their tax return.

Common forms that filers tend to be waiting to receive include a K-1 document that reports income from partnerships. In such cases, filing for an extension is less expensive and time-consuming than filing an amended return once you receive your form.

  • Over 98% of the extensions filed with the IRS are Approved!
  • Extend online in minutes the IRS will not ask you for a reason.
  • Your extension is submitted electronically on a secure network.
  • Receive an IRS email confirmation once your extension is Approved.

Taxpayers that do not have the cash or credit available to pay the IRS should still file their extension to avoid additional penalties. By paying late you will incur interest charges as well as penalties on the unpaid balance, but, if you filed the extension you'll avoid the more punitive failure-to-file penalties of 5% per month on your unpaid balance, up to 25% of the amount you owe.

Checklist for Online Tax Extension Filing

tax extension filing can be done fairly simple in one of three different ways

  • Prepare and e-file form 4868 through our extension filing service using the links located above. Receive email conformation.
  • You can print out form 4868 from the IRS website, fill it out and mail it in to the IRS. This method offer no guarantee of delivery acceptance.
  • Make an estimated tax payment and file your return through an approved IRS service provider. This option requires the use of a credit or debit card entered at Be sure to hold onto your confirmation number after payment since you do not need to file a paper form 4868 after making payment.

Tax extension filing is the smart move if you can't seem to get your papers together before April 15th. Filing an extension gives you plenty of extra time and, keeps you from accruing interest and penalties for late filing, so long as you paid any taxes owed with your extension.

Extensions are Oct 15 for personal and Sept 15 for business, with the IRS adding a few days in years that these dates fall on weekends.

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