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Amend Tax Return

Amend State Tax Return


If the situation arises where you need to amend your federal income tax return, it's most likely with the changes on your federal return that you will need to amend your state tax return as well.


Failure to report all your income or unclaimed deductions or listing incorrect filing statuses are common reasons why tax returns are amended. Amending a state return can alter your tax liability which may result in owing additional taxes.


Amending Your State Tax Return


This collection of links to State government web sites will include useful information for individuals and businesses alike. Whether you are already in business, just starting, or expanding your business to a new state - there is something here for you!


Find information on doing business in the state your in as well as taxation information, links for employers, and more. 


For information on how to correct your previously filed state tax return, click on your state tax agency link here or, better yet, follow our 3 Steps To Amending Your State Tax Return below.


Click on the state of your choice additional info:


3 Steps To Amending Your State Tax Return

  1. First you need to complete Form 1040X and submit it to the Internal Revenue Service. You will need to mail a paper copy of the completed form to the IRS with payment of any taxes that are due. Submit this by mail since electronic filing is not accepted for amendments H&R Block Online Tax Preparation Software

  2. You will then need to contact your State Department of Revenue to obtain the correct form for amending your state tax return. These state links are located in our list above to allow you to obtain the forms you need. These amendment forms may vary in title description for each state but most states do use the letter "X" in their amendment forms titles.

  3. TurboTax Online Tax Return PreparationNext you will need to complete the correct amendment form for your state, then submit it to your state's Department of Revenue. The form should list the corrections for annual income, deductions and filing status that should have been provided on your original tax return. Should the amendment results in you owing additional taxes, mail the tax payment with the amendment to your states Department of Revenue. Include a copy of your 1040X federal amended tax return form as well.

Amended Federal & State Tax Returns


If you amend your federal tax return you'll no doubt have to amend your state tax return as well if you owed income taxes to your state when you filed. When you file Form 1040X it's best to look into state requirements as they can vary widely from state to state. Typically though, they do follow federal IRS rules.


If you find that your taxes are not ready to be accurately filed, it is most likely a much better idea to file a tax return extension than to file your return as best you can and go back to amend it  at a later date.


This happens sometimes when taxpayers get anxious and want to file early so they can get a refund, then they discover that their income may have been understated because a 1099-MISC form shows up late from an employer you may have contracted a small job for.


Tax Amendment Tips

  • Wait until you get the original refund if you are you are in the process of filing a claim for an addition to your refund.

  • If you find you owe additional taxes after you filed, file Form 1040X and pay the tax as soon as possible. Form 1040X lists instructions and addresses for the service centers where you can send amended tax returns.

  • Remember to list the year of the return being amended on the front of Form 1040X.

  • File separate 1040X Forms for each year you are amending and mail each one in a separate envelope.

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